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About Us

Widenbar & Associates was established in 1990 to provide consulting and computing services to the Exploration and Mining industries.


The principal of Widenbar & Associates is Lynn Widenbar, a geologist with over 40 years experience in the resource industry. Lynn has worked in the exploration, evaluation and mining of mineral resources in Australia, Asia, Africa, North and Central America and Europe, and has experience in the evaluation and exploitation of gold, iron ore, platinum, copper, lead-zinc, uranium, tin, diamonds, coal and industrial minerals.


Since 1980, he has become increasingly involved in the application of technical computing in the exploration and mining industries, including minicomputers, PC's and workstations. Whilst a director of Micromine Pty Ltd he developed the Micromine mining software (winner of the Australian Design Award in 1989), and has since developed the variety of software packages marketed by Widenbar & Associates.


Widenbar & Associates provides consulting expertise in database management, conventional and geostatistical resource evaluation, and mine optimisation, planning and scheduling. Software used includes Datamine, Micromine and Whittle 4D plus the range of statistical and other software written by ourselves.


Widenbar & Associates also operates Merlins Grove, an olive grove situated in York, about 90 km east of Perth.