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Aber Reunion

Aber Reunion

Australian Reunion of the Class of '69 - October 2004

The Australian end of the 35-year reunion was held at our olive grove - Merlin's Grove - in York, Western Australia between the 1st and 4th of October, 2004.


Lynn and Meryl Widenbar (with Tom (14) and Sam (11)) hosted the reunion


John Hughes came over from South Australia


Nick and Sylvia Grollman made the trip from Victoria


and Moira dropped in on her round-the-world trip


The reunion coincided with the 22nd Annual York Jazz Festival, so we spent some time wandering around our little country town listening to Jazz bands and partaking of some of the local ale and wine. The rest of the time was spent reminiscing, sitting in the sun (it was a beautiful spring weekend) and generally putting the world to rights (that was mostly later in the evenings....)


Here are some of my photos, plus some from Sylvia Grollman - John and Moira - if you have any good ones email them to me and I'll put them on the site.





Above, John, Moira, Lynn and Nick in our front garden




Above, John Lynn, Nick and Moira on the front terrace


merlins grove walk0001


Above, wandering around Merlin's Grove


merlins grove walk0002 


Above, more wandering - looking at blackboys (or grass trees, to use their politically correct name)


merlins grove walk0003 


Above, some more blackboys at the northern end of our farm and below, we even found time to look at some rocks en route.


merlins grove walk - looking at rocks



 merlins grove walk0004


Refreshments along the way ... delivered by Tom in the Gator - olive trees and pretty coloured weeds in the background


faversham house


Above and below, at Faversham House, on the Sunday of the Jazz Festival.


jazz festival - faversham house


john and moira at the jazz festival


Above, John and Moira in Peace Park, York during the Jazz Festival, and below, the whole team.


jazz festival - peace park


And, just as a reminder, here is the Class of '69 photo


Class of 69


And here is the 1999 reunion photo


99 Reunion